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Photography Mentor

Develop your photography skills and nurture your business.

You might be beginner or in the photography industry or could you be stuck in a rut with honing your skills. It could be that you would like to see the end to end process in running a photography business or you need mentoring in a particular area of studio lighting and directing. Whether you are doing this for fun or to grow a business I an help on a one-to-one basis.

Group sessions are valuable and are available from time to time in my calendar, however it may be that you wish to have a one-to-one session.

Photography mentoring is a great way to boost your learning curve and give you the confidence and fresh ideas to progress your business.


This can cover your business process, planning and or a portfolio review. Ideal for beginners to photography or those who haven't set up a business process.

1 HOUR £99

2 HOURs £199

Bulk sessions can be pre-booked to work across a number of weeks.


The studio sessions include a model suited to your photography niche. They include the setting up, the interaction and the editing process.

2-3 HOURS £299

4-6 HOURS £499

Bulk sessions can be pre-booked to work across a number of months.


Group sessions take place with a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4 people. They are based in my studio. Sessions are 3 hours and can include the 3 light set ups and a model in a photography niche.

3 hours £69 per person (ran with a minimum of 4 photographers- max of 8).


Monday to Friday 10am-3pm or 6-9pm

Saturdays - Minimum of 3 hour bookings only 9-3pm


Mentoring sessions and group photography sessions take place in my large studio barn in Kettering, Northamptonshire . However if you would like an in-person visit to your studio this can be arranged at an additional travel cost.