First Birthday Photography

First Birthday Photography

"Julietta created a very relaxed environment for our shoot with our week old baby! The shoot was led by Louie and his needs completely and with Julietta patience, passion and attention to detail has captured everything we wanted from our newborn photo shoot".

- Zoë Louise Grkinic

First Birthday photography sessions are both fun and crazy at the same time! I usually begin with a normal portrait of baby playing with any props I have, a rocking chair or a wooden toy of some kind.

After the normal portrait baby can get changed and we can use the ONE signs and or balloons that match the colour scheme.

A cake which they can smash up can follow too. These are known as cake smash sessions. It's pot luck if stye like the cake or not, but it's always fun to see their reaction in trying.

After all the mess is cleared up, I offer a bath tub moment with bubbles. This always seems to be their favorite!

You can choose some or all of the above for the session. They run fairly fast in the moment but can take around 45 minutes.

Children are very tired afterwards so it's important to plan this around their nap times.


First Birthday Photography Sessions can include sibling or family portraits at the start.

You are welcome to bring outfits and speak to me about outfits that I may have that suit your baby.

Cakes are an additional £45 unless you can supply your own.

Book in for their session early.

Find out more about a cake smash session by getting in touch with me.

A few weeks before they turn one is great so that you can present their first birthday to the world with a great portrait. In the morning after a baby has had a nap is a good time. It’s very tiring after the session. 

As soon as possible and if possible 2-3 months in advance. 

2 or 3 outfits work well for a first birthday session. The first one is the normal portrait and lovely classic clothing. The second outfit can be for the cake. A bathing suit or fun hat for the bath tub – or full birthday suit (with swim nappy).

I have a few props in the studio including one sign, balloons, cake stand and other bits and bobs! If you have anything you’d like to bring you are welcome to! Just let me know in advance. Wooden toys are best as they are classic and they won’t date.  

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Ask me more questions by contacting me on the form below.

Vouchers are available for first birthday sessions, family sessions, maternity and more.

If you are planning a BABY SHOWER, or maternity gift list then you can ask friend, family work colleagues to me to create your own personal Baby Gift List. The baby shower gift can include a set amount towards the session, or the whole session. It will be valid for a year so that they can capture them in the first year. Anyone who books a baby shower gift will recieve a free appearance to photograph everyone at their baby shower event at the start. * subject to availablity and the alternative is a maternity session.