Professional personal and corporate photographer

Professional personal and corporate photographer

Headshot Photography

Why have a Headshot from a professional personal and corporate photographer? There is more to the headshot than just a mug shot of your face. It should shout out who you are, where you are going and connect with the person who sees it for the first time.

1. Professional Appearance. In this day and age everyone including HR managers and casting directors will search for your online presence, even before they have met you. This will be their first impression of you and they will be looking for a trusting face. Long gone are the days when you just turn up for your interview. With so many people screaming out for the same roles, you don't want to be the one with the right credentials who has them turning you away due to the lack of care in taking a decent headshot.

3. The headshot which is timeless is the one you will get the most longevity in using until your look changes. You will use it everywhere, on your own personal or business website, social media pages, when you leave comments on the web and at seminars to introduce yourself.

2. A headshot should be representative of who you are or who you are aiming to be. For example, if applying for a business corporate role the headshot will be simple and clean and show your strength, determination, and authority. If applying for a fun, educational or personality based role i.e. in the arts, acting or a relaxed people oriented role, then this needs to come across in your headshot too.

The value of a headshot from a professional personal and corporate photographer far outweighs the price for the amount of years you will get use out of it and the impression it will make on the world around your career or business.

You need not worry about your appearance as I work with you to produce the best, most flattering and likeable images. It is my job as a professional personal and corporate photographer to bring out the best in you.


Whether the photoshoot is in the studio or outdoors, I will work with the best lighting, guide you on the perfect poses and capture shots to enhance you. The rest of my work is executed in Photoshop.

A headshot is around 45 minutes and a brand session can be around 2 hours.

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If you are ready to have a professional image produced for your web identity then please give me a call on the number below or send me a message here.

If you are looking for a personal branding service along with professional headshots I also offer a studio and location shoot for your website which includes a personal consultation and longer session time. The details on personal branding can be found here.

I am based in Kettering and I can travel with my headshot studio to all locations within Northamptonshire and parts of Leicestershire and Rutland for the same fee. These locations include Market Harborough, Wellingborough, Oakham, Rutland, Corby, Rushton and Desborough. For an additional fee I will travel further. The price is based on an hourly rate plus expenses.