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Teens Photography

Teenagers that will love a studio session are very rare! But it doesn't mean that they won't love it. I often get asked to photograph older children for a family gift and it's met with "they will hate being in front of the camera".

It's true that I am initially hit with some resistance, but helping to know their dad, mum or grandparents will treasure it gives them the purpose to continue.

With this in mind, I try to make teens photography sessions with teenagers as fun and relaxed as possible. Less posing and possibly involving some of their hobbies.

I have had fantastic feedback from families with older children, saying that their children loved it! It often surprises them too.


Does your teenager need a portfolio for modelling?

Although many agencies expect a simple photo on a white background that you can do on your phone, it's a good idea to get them used to the studio experience.

The experience gives them the chance to understand their strengths and weaknesses and take direction from a photographer.

If they don't pursue the modelling route you will still have stunning portraits of your teen!

Most teenagers will be at school Monday to Friday, which I reserve for mini teen sessions. It’s possible to book a slot for after school hours or over school term holidays. 

If your photos are for a model portfolio, your teenager or child should keep the outfits simple with no logos or patterns. Model agencies would like simple images that show figure and personality. 

I have photographed ballerinas for example and a celo artist. If your child/teen has a skill/hobby or craft then you can bring this to add into the session.

Some teenagers might like the idea of a pamper session before their photoshoot. A make-up and hair artist can be present to get them ready for a fun session. This can also be taken with friends. It works very well for a pre-prom photoshoot with friends.

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If you are planning a BABY SHOWER, or maternity gift list then you can ask friend, family work colleagues to me to create your own personal Baby Gift List. The baby shower gift can include a set amount towards the session, or the whole session. It will be valid for a year so that they can capture them in the first year. Anyone who books a baby shower gift will receive a free appearance to photograph everyone at their baby shower event at the start.

* subject to availability and the alternative is a maternity session.